Boilers In Niagara Falls, ON

Boilers In Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland, ON and Surrounding Areas

Keep your hot water boiler and radiators running well and stay warm with reliable service from Niagara Home Heating.

If you’ve been noticing problems with your central heating boiler or radiator such as leaks, heat loss, noises, smoke, irregular odors, or other issues, contact us.

Did you know that a damaged combustion chamber liner in your boiler could cause burn marks on your equipment and be a serious fire hazard? If you become aware of this, call us because your system will need immediate attention.

Another Tip: Signs of a critical or serious leak could include a buildup of corrosion, rust, water stains, or other substances on your equipment. If a leak is internal, it may never appear outside the boiler. Some leaks are repairable if tended to, but others are not and will mean that your system is at the end of its useful life. You should also know that exfoliation or thick, flaking rust on your boiler could be a serious issue.

At Niagara Home Heating, we see and solve every kind of problem our customers have with boilers, and can send our trained technicians to your home or business to find out whether your problem can be resolved with maintenance or if you’ll need to replace your equipment.

No matter what is needed, you can be assured we provide honest expertise and high-quality service at an affordable price that fits your schedule.

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