We Are A Local Business

We Are A Local Business

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Niagara Home Heating is a local company that serves the Niagara Region. We take pride serving our friends and neighbours all over the Niagara Falls Area.

By being a local business we benefit the Niagara Region in several ways.

We support other local businesses. We use several locally owned businesses to supply us with our parts and equipment for every job we do. We also hire local accountants, insurance brokers, computer consultants, attorneys, and advertising agencies to help run our business.

When you choose us for your next furnace and/or air conditioner you know that the money you spend will stay in the community.

As a local business, we care and are committed to offering you the best heating and cooling service possible. Owner John Adams is out working alongside his technicians every day. No one is more willing to go above and beyond to make sure you are happy than John.

John’s personal and hands-on service will give you the best experience possible. John guarantees your satisfaction so you know he is serious.

As an independently owned business in the Niagara Region, we can offer you a better product selection. We can also offer you better pricing. This unbeatable value comes from the fact that John can make on-the-spot decisions that benefit his customers without needing approval from any central office. The flexibility to do whatever gives you the best value is one of our biggest strengths.

Please contact owner John Adams today to discuss a free in-home evaluation of your heating and cooling system.