Should You Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

As AC system usage increases in the summer season, the chances for wear and tear are more likely. Increased wear and tear can lead to AC repair, and if your AC system is old enough, it might even lead to AC replacement. To determine what you should do with your malfunctioning AC system, here is a guide that can help you.

Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Here are the most basic indications of an air conditioner that requires AC repair service:

  • Insufficient Airflow

Insufficient airflow is an obvious signal the air conditioner requires repair. Obstruction within the flow of moving air can cause the issue, and it can be due to a dirty air filter, blocked vents, or a broken motor.

  • Efficiency Decreases

Continuously running the AC system and failing to maintain your system properly can decrease its efficiency, and your home might not be as comfortable as it should be. You should contact our HVAC experts to schedule a tune-up service to bring back optimal performance.

For any AC related services, including AC replacement or AC installation in Niagara Falls, contact Niagara Home Heating for assistance.

  • Short Cycling

If you notice your air conditioner switching on and off frequently, then it’s time to make an AC repair. Contact our HVAC specialist right away to fix the issue which is causing the short cycling issue.

Signs To Suggest That You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner

The typical age of an air conditioning unit is thought to be approximately 15 years. In contrast, modern AC models tend to last about 10 years. If your AC system is more than this, it is best to replace your AC system to avoid problems.

  • The AC System Needs Frequent AC Repair Services

There are various reasons why an AC could be experiencing failure. It could be because of excessive load or poor maintenance. Our experts will likely suggest you buy an entirely fresh AC instead of fixing it every two months.

  • The Cost Of Energy Has Been Soaring

The energy cost will likely increase in the summer, and a dramatic increase may occur unexpectedly. It may indicate massive repairs like compressor failure, and it is better to buy a new AC system than to fix the old AC system.

If the energy usage patterns have been consistent, but you notice a rise in your bills, then you should contact our HVAC company and ask for recommendations for AC replacement in Niagara Falls, ON.

  • Your AC Is Still Working Using Freon

The EPA banned Freon’s use as a refrigerant in the year 2020. If your air conditioner still uses Freon, replace the AC system.


Niagara Home Heating experts can help you choose the right decision after a thorough inspection, they will analyze the condition of your air conditioner and offer a plan of action.

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